New Sponsors-Giambrone International Law Firm


Giambrone & Partners is an international multi-jurisdictional, multi-lingual law firm with years’ experience in providing dynamic, solution-focused international legal advice, across a wide range of jurisdictions to both our corporate and private clients.
Our clients value the firm’s extensive legal capacity and range of languages, together with our local cultural knowledge and insight, all found under one roof.
The firm has seven offices in Italy, Catania, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Rome, Sassari(Sardinia) and Turin, three offices in Spain, Barcelona, Madrid and Gran Canaria, three offices in the United Kingdom, Birmingham, Glasgow and London, and offices in Tunisia, France, Brazil, and Portugal. The expansion programme continues, in recognition of the commercial focus on globalisation.

We welcome Gonzalo Butori, Partner, to our Board of Directors

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