International Tasting, wine, spirits & beer 2024

Celebrating Malbec Day‼️

“On Wednesday, the 17th, the British Argentine Chamber of Commerce participated in the ‘International Wine, Spirits, and Beer Tasting and Networking Event.’ This event was organized by the Council of Foreign Chambers of Commerce in the United Kingdom (CFCC) and nine other international Chambers of Commerce in the United Kingdom.

The event took place in the historic Draper’s Hall. Our selection showcased wines, spirits, and beers from countries such as Argentina, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, the Caribbean, France, Italy, South Africa, Spain, and Sweden.”

Wineries: Piattelli Vineyards, Gualtallary and  Raices Argentinas by Atlantic Brands Co Sagl.

Super Uco, La Madrid, Familia Millán, Casa Araujo Bodega, Alpasión – Vino, Lodge y Viñedo, Mil Volcanes and Bodegas Salentein.